by Silvia Mercuriali

in collaboration with artist/performer Matt Rudkin

and featuring original compositions by musician Tommaso Perego

French, German and Welsh versions now available- click here for upcoming dateshttp://www.silviamercuriali.com/dates.html

Wondermart is a unique, interactive audio tour that takes you on a journey of rediscovery through the familiar surroundings of the supermarket. Wearing headphones and anonymous behind your trolley, you are guided around the aisles immersed in a private soundscape. The real blurs with the imaginary, and the every day setting of the ‘high density retail environment’ becomes the scene of strange adventures.

“a delicious anti-consumerist meditation through the dream state of aisles... a quirkily situationist amble" The Herald Scotland

By turns amusing, moving and strangely entrancing, Wondermart builds upon Rotozaza’s previous work.

For ten years, Rotozaza has explored the use of instructions given 'live' to unrehearsed performers. This gave rise to their 'Autoteatro' strategy (pioneered by Etiquette) wherein participants find themselves exchanging audience and performer roles by simply following instructions, often heard via headphones. Located in an ordinary supermarket, Wondermart takes Rotozaza’s work into a public setting and gives the audience freedom within a carefully scripted audio-tour.

"Wondermart (...) succeeds, like the best of theatre, in shining a new light on the quotidian of human experience” - The Irish Times


A feature recently written about Wondermart in The Age (Australia)

PRESS info, here

From an idea developed with Ant Hampton, with support from the Foundry Theatre, NYC

Subsequent R&D supported by Arts Council England

Commissioned by BAC

Silvia’s home pagehttp://www.silviamercuriali.com/HOME.html

click here for a video, in french, about Wondermart

photos by Ant Hampton